summer program

Summer Program

Toddlers, Preschool, and Pre-Kindergarten Summer Program

Our school campus comes to life with laughter and play during our preschool summer session fun! We will have exciting adventures in learning with a different fun theme each week! There will be lots of waterplay, creative art activities and interactive music and movement to delight in!

Elementary Academic Summer Program

Designed as a five-week course from the end of June to the end of July, we offer half day programs from 8:00 a.m.- 12:30 p.m. Our programs are individually tailored to work on student’s skills all within a fun and relaxed environment. While other students are losing skills, ours are forging ahead.

Programs Include:

  • Reading- Strengthen phonics, oral reading, and comprehension
  • Math- Reinforce basic math facts, computation, and reasoning skills
  • Language Arts- Develop grammar and proper mechanic in writing
  • Fine Arts and Hands-on Science – Active engagement for interactive learning

Middle School Summer Program

Designed as a five-week course to prepare middle schoolers for the High School Placement Test, and expand their skill sets in test taking and study skills.

Elite Effort Fitness & Sports Camp

Designed to provide your child with the opportunity to not only improve their fitness level, but also improve their skill level in multiple sports. Our sports program follows our summer school and is offered daily from 12:30-4:00 p.m. “Elite Effort” Camp will provide stimulating activities designed to enhance health and performance in a safe and educational environment. On a daily basis the camp will conduct a variety of drills which target agility, strength and conditioning, and sports skills that will help children improve their overall fitness and skill level in multiple sports. Whether your child is trying to prepare for high school sports improve athletic ability, or just want to have fun, “Elite Effort” Fitness and Sports Camp is a great way to have fun during the summer!

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