Middle School

Middle School (6-8th Grade)

Our Middle School provides the perfect environment for our students to excel. The rigorous college preparatory curriculum includes algebra and advanced English Language Arts. These foster into our ongoing STEAM program, where middle schoolers further engage in classes such as robotics, advanced art and music appreciation, journalism, and Cooking and Nutrition. 100% of our graduating students are accepted into the High School of their choice (many times in honors or advanced programs). HSPT skills and test prep is taught during the 8th grade year.

Sixth grade begins the middle school journey. Our sixth graders rotate classes and learn essential organizational skills to put them on the path to success in high school and beyond. – Mrs. Campuzano

Seventh grade students refine their art of writing and delve into pre-algebra. They are challenged with using their critical thinking skills, and expanding their minds. – Mr. Trapani

Eighth grade is the culminating year of St. Nicholas. Our students utilize all of their prior knowledge to develop into mature thinkers. Eighth graders explore high schools, knowing that they have all of the foundational skills to succeed at the high school of their choice. – Mr. Mormanis

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