Saint Nicholas School offers three distinct programs that focus on providing students with a strong academic foundation that exceeds California State Standards. Our curriculum is designed to offer the highest quality education, which is why we are known for being the best kindergarten in Northridge as well as for other grade levels. We offer all our students the opportunities that a gifted program offers. The strong foundations established in reading and math for the primary grades allows our students to proceed at an accelerated rate as they progress through each grade level. By the time our students reach sixth grade, they are using English and Math textbooks one grade level ahead of their current grade. Our emphasis on developing good work habits and study skills allows our students to achieve scores well above the national averages.

To provide a strong academic foundation, the fundamentals of reading, phonics, and math are emphasized in the daily curriculum. Strong work habits are instilled through daily homework assignments. Study techniques are taught and practiced throughout the grade levels. We encourage our students to not only succeed, but to excel. Students are given opportunities to challenge themselves through enrichment projects and creative activities to develop their critical thinking skills.

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