Elementary School (Kindergarten-5 Grade)

Our Cross-Curriculum project based-learning offers a sound foundation for our students in their entire academic experience. Our traditional school setting offers structure and discipline in a warm positive environment. Students are instructed utilizing all learning modes, visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. Study skills are introduced through songs, rhymes, poems, and the use of flashcards. Good work habits are emphasized to encourage their full potential and prepare them for middle school.

The primary goal of our kindergarten program is to develop independent children that possess the love and excitement for learning that will start them on the path towards a lifetime of academic success. There is no greater joy than seeing a student flourish at a new skill. Our students work collaboratively in like learner groups and consistently exceed their potential. – Ms. Sapon

First grade is a big year of growth and development. First grade students expand their reading and writing skills. It is so exciting to see our students transition into independent readers and writers. – Mrs. Sweis

Second grade students learn to refine their organization and independence skills. Students perform complex addition and subtraction with borrowing and carrying. Students writing skills flourish as they write more advanced paragraphs. – Mrs. Kontos

Third grade is a transitional year, marking the culmination of primary education. Study skills work habits, and orgranizational skills are emphasized to provide students the confidence they need to build upon their foundational skills and remain successful. – Ms. Chobanian

Fourth grade begins the transition to more independent learning. Our fourth graders have mastered many foundational skills and the fourth grade year is when the students begin to be more independent. – Mrs. Moramanis

As fifth grade is the final year of elementary school. our students are challenged to refine their skills in preparation for middle school. The end of fifth grade is culminated with a three day field trip to Sacramento and San Francisco. – Ms. Sapon

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