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High School Acceptances for St. Nicholas 8th Grade Class of 2018: Chaminade, Notre Dame, Crespi, St. Genevieve, Village Christian, Granada, Oak Park

St. Nicholas School is a reputable private school committed to providing our pre-school through eighth grade students with a strong academic foundation in a Christian environment.. Since 1977, we have established a tradition of educating the whole child: spirit, mind, and body. This is accomplished by including art, music, physical education, and computers in the curriculum, in addition to the core subjects. An after school enrichment program also offers opportunities for each child to develop many of their talents and interests.

To provide a strong academic foundation, the fundamentals of reading, phonics, and math are emphasized in the daily curriculum. Strong work habits are instilled through daily homework assignments. Study techniques are taught and practiced throughout the grade levels. We encourage our students to not only succeed, but to excel. Students are given opportunities to challenge themselves through enrichment projects and creative activities to develop their critical thinking skills. Our classes are designed to be at or below 20 students per class to better meet the individual needs of our students, maximizing their full potential while developing a sense of independence and self-confidence.

St. Nicholas School also instills Christian values through religion classes, as well as through a school wide character development program, which rewards behaviors such as honesty, kindness, and respect toward others. Children are part of a loving family environment where each child is treated as an individual with talents that must be developed.

Located in an easily accessible area of Northridge in the San Fernando Valley, the 5-acre campus serenely rests on a hilltop adjacent to the magnificent Byzantine-style St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church.