St Nicholas School


St. Nicholas School offers a very challenging academic program, which exceeds the California State Standards. We offer all of our students the opportunities that a gifted program offers. The strong foundations established in reading and math for the primary grades allows our students to proceed at an accelerated rate as they progress through each grade level. By the time our students reach sixth grade, they are using English and math textbooks one grade level ahead of their current grade. Our emphasis on developing good work habits and study skills allows our students to achieve scores well above the national averages (see Stanford Achievement Test Results).

Instruction is planned to include activities in all learning modes: auditory, visual, and kinesthetic. Students are encouraged to be active learners by participating in class. Projects in all areas of study are also planned to further enrich their learning, while allowing students opportunities to express their creativity and to practice their critical thinking skills. Good penmanship is also included as part of the curriculum to teach students the importance of presentation skills and to develop a sense of pride in their work.

Even our grading scale reflects the high standards our students attain:

  • A = 93–100%
  • B = 85–92%
  • C = 74–84%
  • D = 65–73%